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As many New Year’s start with resolutions to become healthier, we are thrilled to present a variety of health related options for groups to help them get through a long day of meetings.  All activities and topics are facilitated by a Registered Nurse/Emergency Room Case Manager with a background of over 20 years in destination resort spa management and group exercise instruction.  Sessions are tailored to your group and can be 10-30 minutes in length.

Stretch, Breathe, Revitalize Intermission - Participants are guided through simple, easy to follow stretches to soothing, yet energizing music that improve their mood, clear their mind and relax the body to decrease tension that comes from sitting in all day meetings.

Boot Camp In The Ballroom - Boot Camp gives participants the ability to move around at their pace to exercise stations to improve their strength, stamina and flexibility designed to energize and motivate their meeting day! Our instructor has the know-how to energize your team and chooses activities that accommodate your group demographics.

Dance Movement Breaks - Participants find themselves dancing and laughing their way to a healthier more productive day. Choose from line dancing or low impact cardio dance moves to music from the genre that most satisfies the group dynamics! A wonderful team building event and sure to be a highlight in the day’s activities!

Additional Health Topics: 

  • Hypertension – Are You a Crisis Waiting to Happen?
  • Move It or Lose It – How Much Is Enough?
  • Minimizing Your Risks – Choices You Can Control
  • Stress – Reality Check
  • Healthy Choices – It’s Never Late to Start or Build Your Own Combo!

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