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The Denver Metro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau recently awarded Corinne Hofstetter and Brett Crawford with the “Go the Extra Mile” service excellence award. The award is designated to honor employees for their dedication to excellence in the hospitality industry.

During the last two weeks of January, Corinne and Brett produced a complex city-wide program for 3,000 nationwide T-Mobile employees managing all airport arrivals and departure transportation, as well as numerous daily transportation movements for various meetings and special events.

The program was a huge success and client, Brenda Allen raved about Arrangers’ saying, “During the five day event, Arrangers personnel operated flawlessly, conducting over 10,000 people moves with no operationally relevant issues. This was a considerable feat given the logistical complexities associated with large groups, airport operations, multiple hotels, off-site venues, and weather while addressing the requirements of VIPs and others requiring special assistance. Arrangers’ team operated flawlessly, meeting each operational milestone, overcoming every hurdle, and far exceeding established expectations.”

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