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The Meetings Professional International (MPI) Rocky Mountain Chapter recognizes a member of the organization each month for their outstanding leadership abilities. For May 2008, Kathryn Schutz was named “Leader of the Month” for her continued commitment to the hospitality industry.

For her involvement as Chair of the 2008 MPI Gala, she has been instrumental in leading the gala and helping make the event a success. In the June 2008 MPI Newsletter, this quote is provided, “She has worked very hard with the committee to make sure all timelines, details, and sponsorships are completed in the right way. It’s going to be a huge success due to her efforts. From her work of choosing the location, creating a theme with her team, decorations and the event flow, Kathryn has put in tireless hours on creating a very memorable event for our chapter. Her work ethic is amazing and she never says no. She engages her team and empowers them to do their best at all teams. Kathryn is not afraid to pick-up the phone and secures sponsors because she truly believes this event showcases our chapter and its members. We appreciate Kathryn’s time and dedication to our organization.”

Kathryn joined Arrangers in December 2005 and works as a Sales Coordinator, assisting the sales department with client collateral and securing future business. She has been involved with MPI since 2006and recently joined the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE) Denver Chapter. Below is a summary of her industry involvement with MPI.

  • 2006 MPI Silent Auction–Chair of Logistics
  • 2007 MPI/PMCA Golf Tournament–Chair of Marketing
  • 2007 MPI Silent Auction–Co-Chair
  • 2007 MPI Gala–Chair for Décor Committee
  • 2008 MPI Gala–Chair

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