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Recently, at their 2012 Awards Gala, the Denver Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executives (NACE Denver) awarded Arrangers with Best Entertainment for the LoDo Dine-Around Scavenger Hunt they produced for members of the organization.

This cutting edge SCANventure Hunt took place in the historic LoDo neighborhood of Downtown Denver and was part of a progressive event that took attendees to multiple restaurants throughout the evening while showcasing the new technology.

“The SCANVenger Hunt platform adds a new high-tech twist to traditional scavenger hunts and provides a way for users to access trivia questions by scanning QR codes with their smartphones,” states Nicole Marsh, Arrangers President & CEO. Players learn more about the destination, each other or their company by accessing questions with answers that can be embedded in video, audio or downloadable PDF documents as well. Once the player answers the question they are then led to the next location.

Arrangers partnered with SCANVenger Hunt to sponsor the NACE Chapter program. The company focuses on helping clients communicate with their target audience by using traditional methods as well as emerging media tactics through the Internet and on mobile devices. They have used the SCANVenger Hunt platform for a variety of events including teambuilding, product launches, hotels and resorts, sport venues and mall properties.

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