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From traditional company picnics, to alternative on-property events, community “give back” events and group outings, these events are a great way to say “thank you” and reward the people that make your company great – your employees!  The important thing is to keep momentum going and employee morale high.

Company Picnics – From traditional picnics in the park to private pavilions at the zoo or even exclusive rental of a sports stadium, the options are endless to make your event truly memorable. For these events, it’s often the little things that get remembered and appreciated the most… the face painter, the balloon artist, family relays, etc. all increase company morale and reenergize the employees.  Let us help give new energy to your event and make it one that employees look forward to year after year.

On Property Events – If your organization has grass area or the ability to rent an adjacent parking lot, an on property event is a fun, easy and usually inexpensive option worth considering. Choose from a catered lunch, trendy food trucks or even a simple ice cream reception.  Add an interactive DJ, maybe some volleyball nets, frisbees or even organized games and prizes to make this is a kick-back fun afternoon for employees only or invite families to join in the festivities. What’s best is that on property events are great for nearly every budget!

Community Give Back – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is HOT right now! Invite your employees or meeting attendees to make a difference in the communities they work or meet in.  From assembling care packages for the USO or bicycles for kids to building an entire mini golf course out of canned foods, which will then be donated to a local shelter, these events are not only fun for the attendees, they make a huge impact on the beneficiaries.

Group Outings – A group outing is the perfect solution to build camaraderie and get to know colleagues a little better outside of the traditional office or meeting environment.  Options include public sporting events, activities such as white water rafting or indoor rock climbing and numerous teambuilding programs.  Whether you are looking for high energy or simply relaxing, call today and let our experienced team provide you with options to meet your team’s goals.

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