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We’re sharing with you some of our most popular REALITY teambuilding. You’ve always wanted to compete in the fun and sometime crazy competitions… and now you can! We’ve taken these popular shows and created exciting teambuilding programs that bring groups together through friendly competition, teamwork, creativity and communication. Whether your group is small or large, every teambuilding program will be customized to accommodate your group and budget alike.  If you’d like find out more about these activities or brainstorm to find the best teambuilding program to fit your group size and objective, give our creative and knowledgeable team a call.

In It to Win It: 

This teambuilding is adapted from NBC’s hit television competition show, Minute to Win It, where contestants compete in 60-second challenges using everyday household items for a shot to win millions. As each challenge is completed, the level of difficulty increases and so does the prize money!  In our version, teams compete against one another in a series of games to ultimately win the big prize and most importantly, bragging rights. This is a hilarious and heart-pounding teambuilding that integrates strategy, planning, communication, time management and of course, teamwork.

Really Amazing Race:

This take off the TV Show, The Amazing Race, can take place indoors and/or outdoors with each team given a series of clues and activities that takes them on a Really Amazing Race. Maps, instructions, clues and challenges give this scavenger hunt a high energy spin that’s full of friendly competition and team camaraderie. The point of the hunt is to amass points by finding different locations that require a team to perform an activity or complete a puzzle before they’re awarded a new set of clues to move further through the hunt and closer towards finishing. Participant will find that the more they work together, trust and respect each other, the quicker they make it to the finish line!

Cupcake Wars:

You don’t have to have a sweet tooth to master this teambuilding, but you sure might afterwards! Designed from the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, teams compete to make, from scratch and then bake, the best tasting cupcake. Culinary assistants are on hand to help guide teams in baking to-die-for cupcake and icing recipes, making it hard for judges to decide between the melt in your mouth flavors that are created. This activity can take place at a hotel or may we suggest, a nearby catering kitchen and showroom of one of Denver’s top catering companies. Consider pairing this activity with lunch or dinner to make it a complete meal.

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